Saturday, 5 January 2013

samsung galaxy s4 specs review and releasing date

Samsung galaxy s4 specs and release date
Samsung galaxy s4 specs and release date
Hello friends today my topic is not about blogging or any thing related to blogging. today my topic is Samsung galaxy s4 review, specs and releasing date . After the releasing of samsung galaxy s3 samsung is
top listed in the market because samsung galaxy s3 breakdown all the records of mobiles. because it has one of the latest operating system with many new functions which we only can imagine . But now samsung is going to launch one new mobile in galaxy series , which is samsung galaxy s4. 


These specs are not fully confirmed but today almost everyone have there on rumours about specs for samsung galaxy s4.
Rumours say that  Samsung galaxy s4 have a 4.99-inch Super Amoled Touch screen with 441ppi pixel density. According to a Wall street journal's report, the display of the samsung galaxy s4 is unbreakable, while rumours also suggest that it will also be bendable . Samsung galaxy s4 is powered by 2GHz quad-core processor and with extremly 13MP camera on the back .

Samsung galaxy s4 releasing date:

Sources tell that , samsung galaxy s4 is releasing in the month of May, 2013
samsung also released his galaxy s3 in last may of 2012
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  1. It's time to Galaxy S4. My sense, many iphone5 user will change their cell and get S4.

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  2. Did you think there will be Unfortunately the process has stopped error in in samsung s4 , this error is very common in samsung phones.