Saturday, 26 January 2013

how to customize 404 page for blogger

Custom 404 pages for blogger
Custom 404 pages for blogger
404, what the mean of 404 page not found its mean when user click on an invalid link or an expired link So your user will redirected to 404 error page. error pages have many type but in blogger the most common error page is 404 error page. Now a days you can see how many sites have their own beautiful 404 custom error pages. Today i will teach you that how to create an awesome 404 error page in blogger . it is not so hard but it is too easy to create a most beautiful page of your blog.

Importance to 404 page:

404 page is really important in blogs because if your user find and invalid link he think that this blog is full of expired links but if you have custom page then he think its just a typo mistake and he again reading your other posts.

creating a 404 error page in blogger:  

  • Goto blogger dashboard 
  • Then goto setting tab and click on search preferences 
  • then click custom page not found edit button
custom 404 page for blogger
  • Then paste below codes in it.
    404 page
    404 page
<style type="text/css" > body {background:white url('') 50% 0% no-repeat !important;z-index:10000000;} .sidebar, footer, .content, .header, .columns-inner, .footer-top {display:none;} body {min-width: 0px !important;} </style>

404 page
404 page
<style type="text/css" >
body {background:white url('')  50% 0% no-repeat !important;z-index:10000000;}
.sidebar, footer, .content, .header, .columns-inner, .footer-top {display:none;}
body {min-width: 0px !important;}

  • Now save it and its done
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