Monday, 28 January 2013

mybloggertricks v2 like blogger responsive template

mybloggertricks v2 like new blogger responsive template
mybloggertricks v2 like new blogger responsive template
As ween seen on internet is one of the top blogging blog on the internet and in few past days mybloggertricks wear a new dress mean they are some up with a new responsive template which is very beautiful and responsive. we only say that it is beautiful but dont upsad i,m here with this new template
is it amazing? i know you are thinking that how can we cloned it but dont forget that it is a new era and everything is possible here so i,m going to tell you about that templates feature.


  • Seo optimized
  • beautiful menu
  • fixed slide bar
  • fixed width slide bar
  • fast loading
  • author box added
  • read more hack
  • complete social
  • Responsive template
  • back to top button
Now i,m going to give you the live demo of mybloggertricks clone template so you can easily understand its features.

Live Preview Click Here

Now here i,m going to give you template without any cost and full free but please keep visiting and kindly subscribe us for more latest hacks and widgets

Download Now Click Here

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  1. plz can u give me your template it's very cool great one,

    and also plz tell me how to change the menu's links that comes with the template .

    for example i download this theme .then when i clicked on the menus it goes to their site or your site,i want to replace them with my own ones, plz tell me how to do.

    and which type of comment bar did u placed it's amazing plz provide it...........!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i will surely help you increase traffic from my friend community by telling them

  2. why your alexa is not dropping down even after having some great posts.

  3. plz tell me what's happening i have a blog which contains no post and not a great look(worst) i.e . when i checked it's alexa rank it showed me that it's rank is:22,726,927 and my another one ( which have many posts and 2600 across visitors but when i searched for it's alexa ranks it showed me it irank: " No data"

    you own visit and plz reply me to

  4. well this is good .. can i redistribute it witout removing the credits ... i have many fans on net ... waiting for reply .. ?

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  6. C'mon it is cloned by me..You are hecking copying it and redistributing it

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